June 20, 2017

Portfolio Management

Portfolio management

portfolio management

Portfolio management is the process of managing the assets of a mutual fund, including choosing and monitoring appropriate investments and allocating funds accordingly. For companies with a global presence, managing an international domain name portfolio has become an increasingly complex challenge and administrators are forced to make important daily decisions about where when and how to register domain names. Our full services make domain name portfolio management predictable and trouble free. Managing a domain name portfolio is usually an overwhelming and complicated task. The problem relies on many factors : number of years your business has been in operation ; individuals concerned traditionally and therefore the company growth over time. With complete presence growth, effectively managing domain name portfolios or knowing who-is on 1st and who-is on second base isn’t simple.

Without the proper tools, portfolio management may be terribly expensive and time overwhelming. How many invoices does one receive a year ? How many interfaces does one ought to access in order to change the settings of your domains ? How many completely different costs do you have per domain?

At DEUM, we specialize in transferring portfolios from external suppliers and cleansing the owner details to make a coherent and organized portfolio. Transferring thousands of domains weekly suggests that we’ve got in depth information and knowledge in preparing and administrating volumes of transfer-related work for our clients.

Upon request, DEUM can register your brands worldwide within the countries wherever there’s a marketplace for your business and wherever you wish a brand presence. Registering domains in some countries are often terribly troublesome. You will hit roadblocks that are discouraging. Our international team of specialists has the flexibility to move securing for you nearly all international domain extensions.

Make it straightforward.


DEUM offers you :

  • A supplier
  • A price per domain (registration/transfer/renewal)
  • A year registration period on all domains
  • An online management system
  • An invoice a year

When you concentrate portfolio management through one supplier, you save time and really gain management over your portfolio.

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